I would certainly recommend

At the age of 76, my few remaining upper teeth became insufficient and eating a normal diet more difficult. The drawbacks of using traditional dentures meant they were not attractive to me, so after discussion with Dr Chawich I agreed to have an upper set of implanted dentures.
The processes were fully explained with many illustrations of previous operations, and were duly performed over about 9 months from insertion of 5 implants to final fitting of the upper denture (implant-supported Bridge).

At all times, I was very impressed by the case provided by my dentist and his assistants and the detailed guidance following surgical procedures. I was pleasantly surprised that the drilling of the implants was completely painless.

I am very pleased with the result of my treatment, the denture feels very firm and natural, I can now eat a normal diet, my appearance has obviously improved and can confidently laugh and smile. It has made a big difference to me and I would certainly recommend this treatment by Dr Chawich to anyone in a similar position who is considering Dental Implants.

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